Our Plan to Empower Brands and Athletes

Tourney is a platform that allows companies to host their own virtual competitions. We are currently offering companies the ability to run competitions on the "Featured" section. The "Featured" section allows companies to host virtual competitions with their sponsored riders and the public in real-time. Each competition starts with a Challenge video (10-seconds). Once the Challenge is uploaded, athletes from around the world attempt to complete the Challenge by recording a 10-second video within the app and uploading it to compete. Every user can upload as many times as they would like and can submit a video whenever (no deadline). Whoever has the most votes after 5 days has to upload a new Challenge video.

Our Future

We are looking to grow Tourney into different competition modes like Livestream, 1v1, brand v brand, and other ways to virtualize in-person events. We are currently working with Hyper BMX and their team to host virtual competitions for their brand and athletes. Tourney isn't a social media application. We want Tourney to be the software that hosts and runs competitions for various brands in extreme sports.

How can I make money?

Run your own personal competitions or compete for your sponsored channel. This platform gives you the opportunity to get money from advertising and sponsorship.

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Terms and Conditions

Tourney Competitions (“Contest”) Official Rules (“Rules”) Tourney (“Sponsor”) is offering Competitive Athletes (as defined below) the opportunity to compete in public competitions as well as upload ch