Allowing People to Compete Against Each Other - Regardless of Location

Updated: May 18

Tourney Events is changing the game by allowing friends to be able to compete against each other and regardless of your location - live. People can create a contest for anything. Seriously, anything. Create a contest for BMX, doing a backflip, funniest clip, golf trick shot, best gaming moment, whatever! Create a contest with your friends, set the challenge criteria with a video, and compete for votes within a 24 hour period. Everyone can upload as many videos as they would like because the public gets one vote that can change. This makes the leaderboard change constantly. So if you're not doing as well as you thought, upload again!

Since our start in February 2020, we have run weekly competitions with world-renown athletes such as Jamie Bestwick, Ben Wallace, Brandon Loupos, and athletes from Camp Woodward PA.

Want to create a contest with your friends? Download here.

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Tourney Competitions (“Contest”) Official Rules (“Rules”) Tourney (“Sponsor”) is offering Competitive Athletes (as defined below) the opportunity to compete in public competitions as well as upload ch