What is Tourney?

Tourney allows athletes to compete against each other around the globe. Upload an ten-second long video and compete for votes against your teammates, friends, and other users.

How can i compete?

Competitions run every five days. You can join any time and upload as many times as you would like. L

1. Download the Tourney app

2. Create an account

3. Pick a sponsored competition and check out the Challenge video by clicking the blue Challenge button at the top of the competition feed

4. Attempt the challenge and give it your best shot by recording a video 

5. Crop the video (goes up to ten-seconds) and click upload. You have successfully joined.

6. Share your video by clicking the "invite friends" button and message your friends. Don't worry, if they don't have the app, they will be directed to the app store, then redirected to your competition

7. Everyone gets one vote. They can change it, however, their old vote is moved to the new video.

8. Whoever gets the most votes after five days is the winner and has to upload a new challenge to kick off the next competition

Why tourney?

We want to deliver a platform that allows users to compete in real-time as opposed to other video competition platforms. Users can record a line in our app, upload, and compete for votes. Other platforms allow you to upload videos that were previously recorded. That's not competing, that's just boring.